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The Lord Kitchener Inn.

Welcome Back to the Lord Kitchener at Curbridge, Witney.

Under New Management and with a new Experienced and Innovative team of Chefs we are here to tempt you with a broad selection of Flavours & Experiences from around the world as well as some English Pub Favourites.

All of our dishes are prepared in house from fresh ingredients wherever possible so that we can offer you tasty and healthy food at the Community Bar or in the Restaurant.

We will make you feel welcome in our Community Bar for drinks and/or finger food, our Sitting Room with cosy Log Fire for families and the Garden Room with Garden Views as our main Restaurant Room. We also will have our Private Function room available once Covid-19 restrictions makes this possible.

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Our Story.

A customer recently said to me that talking about our great food with some friends, they responded by asking how can the food be made from fresh ingredients with such a large menu.

The answer to this question is I think what best describes our approach and allows us to differentiate our food offering with such wide choices & flavours.

The basis of any good kitchen is a well laid out work space with professional equipment and with the support of our Brewery Partner Greene King we have just that.

Secondly, and unusually for our size, we have Three Experienced Chefs who work well together:

-Our Executive Chef is Culinary Arts trained in both Oriental and Western Food. In addition 4 years’ experience in the USA in large operations, including an Air Force Base kitchen, has given him insights into sourcing quality fresh produce to our specification as he has a broad knowledge of meat, meat cuts, seafood, vegetables and the myriad of other necessary ingredients for cooking fresh food and sauces. The Health & Safety aspects of Kitchen management are demanding in the military environment and he has adopted that approach in our kitchen.

-Our Sous Chef has experience in busy Pub/ Restaurants and Hotels where varied menus are commonplace and has gained knowledge & experience in preparing ingredients ready for operations, whether it is to trim a fresh side of meat or make a Sticky Toffee Pudding.

-We are extremely fortunate to have our Culinary Arts Trained Chef & Saucier. She has tremendous knowledge and experience in Asian & Western Herbs, Spices, Condiments and many (sometimes unexpected) ingredients that when combined create something unique and special. Most importantly she understands the chemistry of combining these together and also what the various combinations can and cannot do, often with surprising and elegant as well as delicious results.

A good example…we can take something as simple as a Chicken Breast and with imagination & skill the combination of flavours & experience can be enhanced & totally changed - served with Italian Sauces, our Japanese influenced Wasabi sauce, our Singapore Fried Rice, in Thai Green Curry, Malaysian Coconut Milk Curry, Peppery Satay Sauce, Coconut & Pineapple Sauce, Chili or Ginger, Oriental Wine, Stir Fry or simply roast & serve with Yorkshire Pudding and our superb Home Made Beef Bone & Vegetable Gravy on Sundays etc. etc.. Multiply these or other combinations as appropriate with King Prawns, Beef, Venison, Lamb, Pork, Fish and the result is a tantalizing array of flavours. On Burger Nights (Wednesdays) even our Burgers come with 12 different Sauces to choose from!

Our Chefs love to create and cook! Some of our special dishes such as the Sauce for our Lamb Shank or the Savoury Orange Sauce for Duck took many weeks to develop and take many hours to prepare. The same meticulous attention goes into our Desserts whether traditional such as Sticky Toffee Pudding or innovative like our “Death by Chocolate”. Our Bread, Soups, Stock, Gravy and even our French Fries are all made from scratch with fresh ingredients in house.

Naturally this requires hard work and a lot of preparation is necessary before the actual cooking & serving of our dishes. But using fresh ingredients and blending with Herbs, Spices & Condiments helps our team to create a wide, healthy & enticing choice of flavours to tempt you. And let’s not forget that even more traditional and simple dishes such as Fish & Chips can be well made… and yes, Tomato Ketchup and Vinegar are available of course.

Having lived and dined in Asia, the Middle East, the USA and several countries in Europe we have found and experienced the same challenge that faces all restaurants..…it is rare that 4 people all want to eat the same dish or even the same type of food at the same time. We try to solve that problem with our passion & innovation.

Hopefully we can welcome you soon and satisfy everyone’s preference on the night!


Lew Road, Curbridge, Witney, OX29 7PD

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Tue – Fri: 12 – 2:30pm, 6 – 10:30pm, 

Saturday: 12 – 11pm,

Sunday: 11:30am – 6pm.

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Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the above timings may be affected.

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